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Dog House: A Love Story

Dog House: A Love Story - Carol Prisant This book is a very honest look at pet ownership at the very least. It's also a story of a love between a husband and wife. I have read many books relaying heartwarming stories of families and pets and was expecting this to be similar pie-in-the-sky type of story (not to say that's a bad thing) but the difference was evident almost from the begining. At first I was taken aback at Ms. Prisant's willingness to "give up" on some of her pet choices so quickly. I wanted her to be a "better" pet owner than me. I too have had to return a problem pet when I knew it was beyond me to deal with the particular problem the pet presented, and I always felt so bad about it, like I was not very responsible or something. The reality of loving dogs (or cats) though is that each one has their own particular personalities and sometimes the fit is right and sometimes it isn't and it's best to know and recognize the problem sooner rather than later for all concerned. [return]Anyway, the second part of the book focusing on the later years was heartbreaking yet encouraging. It's a picture of a real life, an honest life, a life well lived and by no means at a standstill. I would look forward to reading a sequel.