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Blame: A Novel

Blame - Michelle Huneven This was a book I could not put down. A story about great tragedy and lives turned upside down. It was a heartbreaking account of alcoholism, and living with guilt. Patsy had everything going for her- she was beautiful, smart (just received her PHD) and had a great teaching position at a local college when she found herself waking up in jail (again) after one of her blackouts to learn that she had been in a car accident killing 2 people. She had no recollection of the event. She went to prison for 2 years and the description of her ordeal with that experience was horrifyingly real. That is really only the first part of the book though- the main focus of the book is on her life after being released; her search for a way to live with the guilt and her efforts to atone for her crime followed. The end of the book has a plot twist that I never saw coming and added a whole new level of tragic to the story. It just made it all feel very real to me- no trite, tidy ending.