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A Pug's Tale

A Pug's Tale - Alison Pace I was so excited to receive this follow-up book to Alison Pace’s Pug Hill and I was not disappointed! A Pug’s Tale was everything I was expecting and more. I love the combination of the art world, New York’s Central Park, and of course the pugs. Readers will not be left out in the cold if they haven’t read the first book featuring art restoration expert Hope McNeill. This is a great story on it’s own with minimal references to the first. However, I am sure that new readers will fall in love with Hope and Max and want to stay in their world a little while longer (so I encourage them all to read Pug Hill as well). A Pug’s Tale is a fun light read yet has the perfect amount of intrigue to keep you guessing. The combination of Hope and her intuitive pug Max is unstoppable. I don’t want to give away anything, but the ending is set nicely for a potential follow-up in the series. I know I won’t want to miss it.