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Probability Angels

Probability Angels - Joseph Devon I was intrigued by the premise of this book. The idea that there are angels all around us is perhaps not that original but the twist: that they are there to push us into making life altering choices and by doing so, they get their energy to continue on, was unique. These angels are no saints and I liked that very much. Especially considering they used to be humans themselves. I was really impressed with the writing and the story and then all of a sudden, zombies appeared in the mix! What?! I guess my first clue as to where it was going should have been when the “angels” constantly referred to the humans as “meat bags” - ugh, I thought, “well- a small flaw in this otherwise intellectual offering”. Why, I wondered, is the author going in that direction when it held so much promise as being a little more- shall we say “high-brow”? Then as I mentioned, zombies show up. They are former angels who got tired of testing (pushing) humans and just gave up resulting in their loss of energy and then dying and rotting away. A super villain of sorts comes on the scene to wake up these former angels out of death and turn them into a zombie army. I am not the typical zombie book reader, but I have to admit- this book drew me in. The quality of the writing and the intellect of the author are top notch. I enjoyed the main characters although some of the many many side characters were hard to keep track of. The ending of the book is set nicely for a series. For those of you into the zombie thing- I am certain that this book would be among the best of that genre. You might wonder how I can say such a thing when I just told you I don’t really read zombie genre books? I would say to you its not hard to recognize that this is good writing no matter what the genre. Joseph Devon is definitely an author I will be keeping an eye on. And if he comes out with further adventures of Matthew, Epp, Kyo, Mary and Bartleby, I will be first in line to buy the book. I highly recommend checking out his website: JosephDevon.com