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Letters from Wishing Rock: a novel with recipes

Letters from Wishing Rock: a novel with recipes (Wishing Rock, #1) - Pam Stucky I wondered to myself, how I could possibly write a proper review of "a novel with recipes" if I hadn't actually tried any of the recipes so... now as I sit here munching on the absolutely best oatmeal chocolate bars EVER (recipe pg. 19), I am wondering how I can get myself to Wishing Rock. I was drawn in to the unique town of Wishing Rock which seemed like a strange mix of commune/condos/retail in one giant building (possibly the new urban profile). I enjoyed the format of using email correspondence between all the characters to convey the story. The only quibble I had was that as entertaining as the writing was, I felt the characters all had the same voice. The style of their email correspondence was so similar as to be written by one person- not several individuals. This didn't seem to be as much of a problem further into the novel. There were also a few times when Millie (the self proclaimed historian of Wishing Rock), tended to get a bit long-winded -but she laid out the background of the town and set the stage very nicely. These citizens of Wishing Rock are all folks I would love to call my friends and I would gladly look forward to a series featuring more of Ruby, Gran, Erin, Pip, Ed, and Alexandra. This is a very promising first novel for Pam Stucky.