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The Little Women Letters

The Little Women Letters - Gabrielle Donnelly Gabrielle Donnelly has written a superbly imagined family future for the descendents of the March sisters. No matter how much things change - they stay the same. It was creative and entertaining how the lives of the modern day sisters (great-great granddaughters of Jo March) mirrored the lives and experiences of the original Little Women. When Lulu Atwater is sent up to the attic to find some old family recipes, she instead finds a treasure of long forgotten letters written by Great-great grandmother Jo. Lulu decides to keep the unexpected find to herself for just awhile as she takes the time to steal away to the attic many more times over the somewhat eventful and stressful year to read the letters and get to know her legendary grandmother while learning a few life lessons as well. A truly heartwarming read. Now I want to go revisit the original Little Women armed with the secret knowledge of what the future holds for the March decendents.