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The Very Thought of You

The Very Thought of You - Rosie Alison The Very Thought of You is a multifaceted story set in London at the time of WWII. This novel is the story of the complications of trying to maintain families sent spinning out of their assumed courses by war at their doorstep, told mostly from the perspective of a child. Sent from London, away from her mother to live in the countryside to escape the anticipated bombing raids on the city, she longs for a holiday at the beach but finds herself at a large mansion in the countryside that has been turned into a boarding school - no beach in sight. What happens to her mother after years of living a new kind of life without husband or child. What happens to the young couple who own the estate turned school, facing a life neither one imagined. What is to become of these children who spend years away from parents in such different surroundings without the individual attention of a personal family. It all seemed tragically real. I loved how the story was brought to conclusion - a satisfying read with an enlightening glimpse into the era.