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Arcadia - Lauren Groff Arcadia is the story of a commune in the 60s told from the viewpoint of it’s youngest original member who’s parent’s were among the founders. The commune leaders have lofty ideals and good intentions with the possible exception of their leader Handy who is a well known rock musician and perhaps just enjoys the adoration and devotion of his large “entourage”. I don’t want to give too much away so I will just say that the arc of the story shows the birth, growth and eventual demise of the commune (which seems inevitable), but the most interesting part is what happens to the scattered members after they leave and enter the “real world”. Even what happens to the commune property is not left to imagination. I really enjoyed this book and came to care about all of the characters. It is a beautiful and haunting story that does not romanticize the era at all, yet fills me with admiration for those who attempted to create their ideal society.