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Paris in Love

Paris in Love - Eloisa James Eloisa James (aka Mary Bly) writes some of the most beautiful descriptive passages I have read in a long time. This memoir of her year in Paris with her Italian husband and their 2 children was funny, poetic, a little sad and a lot joyful. I am not typically a romance reader so I was unaware of Ms. James prior to reading this book. She is a very successful author of romance (over 20 best selling title to date I believe) and if this book is any indication of her style, I can understand why. One of my favorite passages: "All the buildings lining rue de Conservatoire are constructed of cream marble or limestone. When I went outside today, the sky was pale and fierce, on the very cusp of rain. From the top of the church and the conservatory, the contrast was almost imperceptible, as if marble and air danced cheek to cheek" I had to pause and take a moment just to appreciate the beauty of that image. I am now in love with James as well as Paris and hope to read more about her and her family in a follow-up memoir of their first year or two back in the States and apartment hunting in New York... please?