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Oxford Messed Up

Oxford Messed Up - Andrea Kayne Kaufman Wow! I loved Oxford Messed Up. This book provides a very real feeling, intimate look into the thoughts of someone who suffers with OCD. Kaufman has some personal experience with a family member who suffered with OCD and the journey to help has given her tender, insider knowledge. This story will no doubt advance people’s understanding and hope for sufferers of this mysterious and confusing affliction. Gloria’s constant companion Oliver, is a force to be reckoned with. Henry is the one unlikely person to take on the challenge, having his own self loathing issues and illnesses. The story of Gloria and Henry (fellow Oxford student and "loomate") is one of damaged souls finding strength, acceptance, and healing for their personal demons through their shared Van Morrison obsession, and their growing love for each other. Though each faces their own struggle with family disfunction and the resulting personal damage it invokes, they care for and believe in the other with fierce intensity that brings out the best in each other. I truly enjoyed the author's impressive knowledge of all things Morrison, as well as the Plath poetry references. I would recommend this book to those who have read Matt Ruff’s “Set This House In Order” (Also one of my top favorites) Andrea Kayne Kaufman has written a beautiful love story with damaged messed up people and it’s all any of us hopes for.