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Grace: A Memoir

Grace: A Memoir - Grace Coddington Grace Coddington has given us a wonderful insider’s perspective of the fast changing world of fashion publishing along with a fascinating account of her salad days as a model through her rise to the position of creative director at Vogue, working side by side with Anna Wintour. The tale is a veritable “Who’s Who” of fashion photography in particular, and fashion publishing in general. It can sometimes be a bit like reading the liner notes and the detailed thank you’s on an album cover. Definitely a “Must Have” book for fashion groupies. Ms. Coddington’s life has not been completely carefree by any means and learning of her difficult but rewarding journey is an inspiration for perseverance. A reminder that even lives that may be perceived as “charmed” by some, are never without their challenges and heartaches. I loved the sweet hand drawn illustrations by Grace and the generous inclusion of photographs, both professional and candid. My only complaint was the tendency to jump around in the time line of events which could be confusing.