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The Heroin Chronicles (Akashic Drug Chronicles)

The Heroin Chronicles - Jerry Stahl This is a scary collection of stories. It should be required reading for high school - a sort of "Scared Straight" for potential junkies. The lengths the addicts went to to procure their fix was astonishing and heartbreaking. My favorite selection was the very first story "Fragments of Joe" by Tony O'Neil. it was the story of two addicts trying and failing to kick, who find themselves murdered in a drug deal gone wrong, except even death doesn't end their need to get straight. This whole collection made me want to search out each of these authors for further works. I now have to put the first two books in this series: "The Speed Chronicles" and "The Cocaine Chronicles" on my "To Read" list, and I eagerly await the next in the series: "The Marijuana Chronicles"