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The Widow Waltz

The Widow Waltz - Sally Koslow Ugh- the heroin of this book is so unlikeable, and I don't believe that was the author's intent. I believe Koslow wants us to feel sympathy for Georgia Silver-Waltz as her husband has died suddenly and it becomes apparent that he has left her and their two daughters penniless, but it is so hard after reading her description of her husband (an adonis) and then herself (she was a real beauty and when she walked with her friends and heads turned she and her friends all knew they were turning to look at her - Oh Please) She has been living a life of privilege and ignorant trusting bliss up to that moment. It comes crashing in when she realizes her beloved husband has been living a double life. All the money is gone, the trust funds for their daughters are gone, the maid and driver are gone.... As she tries to find out where it all went, she discovers disturbing evidence of his "other life". The characters in the story all feel a bit cliche to me and or underdeveloped. Not Koslow's best effort.