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The Healing Powers of Chocolate

The Healing Powers of Chocolate - Cal Orey This book was a disappointment to me. It really was not much more than an uninteresting listing of "facts" in which the author habitually referenced her own prior works as the source. In fact the author promotes her prior books at every opportunity throughout. She promotes chocolate as an anticancer food and in the What You Can Do portion says Treat yourself to one-fifth of a dark chocolate bar each day. Keep in mind, incorporating dark chocolate in moderation with other anticancer foods including antioxidant-rich fresh fruits, vegetables, fatty fish and olive oil is beneficial too This seems to sum up her basic advise in a nutshell (or coco bean if you want to be clever): follow all the advise of the respected nutritionists, doctors, and researchers, but a little chocolate probably boosts your spirits for the battle. Maybe she s on to something but the writing style of the book was too "low level text book" for me.